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I used to like you, why you don"t know my heart?

I don"t know exactly when it started.

I try to ignore it so many times, but I failed as well.

Sometime I just try to regard it as a like "sunstroke", cause literally we haven"t met and talked much to each other.

The most beautiful thing about you in my heart is your amazing voice, and I think it is also what made me like you, accidentally from then, and unfortunately to now.

I hate this feeling, cause it"s kinda not true, and kinda uncertain, either.

I said I used to like you because I realized that you maybe you would never accept my feeling.

Now, is just the right time to stop.

But I have no regrets. We truly had a greet time together, sweetie.

So...I wish you happy, my little used-to-be happiness.

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